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Information for Patients

Patients are encouraged to attend their optometrist for standard spectacle prescription consultations. Please notify us of the name and address of your optometrist, GP and referring doctor on arrival. It is best to bring your referral with you.

Please have your spectacles or glasses prescriptions handy if possible and also notify doctor of any medications you are taking, or any medical conditions you suffer.

Please notify us urgently if you notice a bad pain in the eye, or flashing lights in your vision, or a sudden loss of vision, or a sudden distortion of your vision. For urgent problems in the afterhours period, our phone is not attended and emergency care should be sought.

Most consultations require enlargement of the pupils and this causes blurred vision. Do not drive immediately after your consultation if you have blurred vision. Have a cup of coffee downstairs, or go for a walk, or read a magazine for a while until it wears off. It may take over an hour. Have somebody else drive if possible.

For consultations at North Shore Eye Centre, payment at the time of consultation would be appreciated.

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